These bobbleheads are blank canvases. Just upload your images and we'll do the rest!

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What is the "proofing" process?

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Proofing is a crucial part of the production process that ensures your bobblehead is being made exactly as you want it!

"Proofing" or "Proofs" are essentially a fancy way of saying "pictures of your bobblehead in a draft status." During the Proofing Process, we need you to provide an honest assessment of the progress thus far. If something isn't turning out as you intended, this is when you'll need to give direction to the sculptor or painter so that they can make necessary adjustments.

When you receive a link to your Clay Proofs, we are seeking your feedback on the shape and form the clay is taking. If everything looks great, just click "Approve." However, if something doesn't seem right, click "Deny." A text box will pop up where you can explain the changes that need to be made. Comments like "eyes should be closer together," "cheeks should be higher," "goatee needs to be straightened out," "hair should be bigger," "should be wearing a hat," and so on, are perfect. We aim to provide revised proofs within 3-5 days, so please be as descriptive as possible, especially if you are on a tight timeline.

Once your Clay Proofs have been approved, your bobblehead is hardened and moved to the Paint stage. Our art team hand-paints your bobblehead based on the colors you selected when ordering, and then we'll provide you with a link to your Paint Proofs (also known as "Final Proofs"). At this point, the only changes we can make are cosmetic, as the position and shape of the bobblehead have been permanently set. Just like with the Clay Proofs, click either "Approve" or "Deny," and then provide feedback such as "hair should be more blonde," "the text on the base should be moved to the left," "the logo should be bigger," and so on. This is your last opportunity to make any changes before we allow the paint to fully dry, package, and ship your bobblehead.

examples of paint proof revisions