These bobbleheads are blank canvases. Just upload your images and we'll do the rest!

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Choosing between a Custom Head-to-Base (HTB) vs Custom Head Stock Bobble-Body

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How to choose which will work best for you.

Whether you choose to create a fully custom bobblehead or select one of our stock bobble-bodies, the actual head is always going to be 100% custom based on the images you upload and the color choices you select. Since the molds for the STOCK BOBBLE-BODIES has already been formed the positioning of the body and the folds of the clothing can’t be changed or modified.

The advantage to choosing one of our stock bobble-bodies is that the only additional information we need from you are the color choices for the clothing and sneakers, skin tone, if there are any logos or writing you’d like to include, and the type of base you’d like it to stand on. You can also still add a text caption to the base of your bobblehead.

A Custom HEAD-TO-BASE bobblehead means exactly that. Our team of artisans will mold your bobblehead completely based off of the images you upload and your written description (so be super-specific if it’s tricky!). You’re participation and feedback is crucial to getting the exact bobblehead you’ve envisioned so the more detailed you can be, the better the initial proof will turn out, and the less revisions you will have to make. Custom HTB bobbleheads generally take a little bit longer to create because there are more customizations for our artists to get right and sometimes more feedback needed from you. The Custom HEAD-TO-BASE bobblehead is perfect for capturing a unique moment, an inside joke, or celebrating a specific achievement. One thing’s for sure, either of these options will provide a lifetime of smiles!